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December 24, 2014

Langley Wedding Photographer // A year in review

Looking back on this past year, it has been pretty dang good. Like I shared in my last post, it has been one of the most challenging but in the midst of all of that there has been so much grace and goodness. Being a full-time student and working a couple of other jobs, I often feel a little bit frustrated because I don’t have the time to invest the level of energy that I would like into my photography business. However, I am continually reminding myself to slow down and enjoy this season that I am in. I’m only going to be getting my undergrad at TWU once and it’s almost over. There is a season for everything and I am learning that in this season I can’t do everything at 100%. I can’t be a full-time business owner, full-time student, and work 30+ hours a week, and it is okay that I am focussing on school because that is where I am supposed to be. But, I am so grateful that this past year so many couples and photographers trusted me to work with them. I have loved all of it and am so excited to do it all again this next year, but to be able to be there 100%.

In 2015, I am looking forward to graduating from university. I am anticipating jumping into wedding photography full time next summer. I can’t wait to see some of my best friends get married and to stand beside them when they say yes to everyday. In September of 2015 I leave for Europe and I will spend 4 months backpacking with my twin brother. It is going to be a full year and while I am enjoying today and trying to take each day for what it is worth, there is so much hope in the future too. It makes me excited.

For now, here are some of my favourite photos from 2015.

winter (16 of 112)

Over the reading break from school, I went on a road trip with some friends to Oregon, one of my favourite places in the world! Erin, David, and I always get a third wheel photo when we go on a trip. This is one of our best hahaa!

oregon (15 of 60)

oregon (34 of 60)

oregon (6 of 60)

I loved coming along with Rachel Barkman on one of her inspired shoots! She is so incredibly creative and I loved this afternoon in our pacific northwest forest so much!

inspiration shoot (31 of 67)

inspiration shoot (45 of 67)

inspiration shoot (19 of 67)One of my all time favourite family sessions. I grew up with the Vander Bos family in Steveston and it was so fun to go back on a summer evening to photograph them. We also got some photos of Liz and Darren who celebrated four years of marriage this summer.




familyphotos-67Engagement photos taken a couple days before Erik + Katherine got married and photos on the farm that Jesse + Amanda got married on!

k + e-15

j + a-19

j + a-70Portraits, portraits, portraits! I love getting together with friends and taking pictures just for fun. A summer golden hour can’t be beat!

laura -24

View More: http://michellekarstphotography.pass.us/robynAlways love making my way up to the Okanagan to visit Celeste and Brayden! And next summer there will be a little baby Harder too!


b + c -24Speaking of the Okanagan, I loved getting to shoot Devon + Bonny’s wedding this year. I love travelling for weddings and getting to shoot somewhere new!

d + b -286

d + b -343

d + b -430

d + b -451And while we’re still on the subject of the Okanagan (it’s such a beautiful part of BC!), in between weddings and work I got to sneak up there for a couple of days in August for our annual family vacation. For my aunt’s birthday gift, my cousins and I snuck away to get some photos by the lake!

s + k-14I second shot 12 weddings this summer and I blogged them here, but here’s another recap with some of my favourite photos!

One of my favourite photographers and the one that I shoot the most with is Meghan Bustard! Her wedding was actually the first I ever took pictures at (out of the kindness of her heart, she let me tag along and get a feel for wedding photography. And ever since then I have been second shooting for her and this summer she even second shot for me too!)


a + g -3

a + g -9

c + b -1

c + b -14

k + d-3

k + d-1


c + k -34

c + k -41I also second shot for wonderful photographers like Laura-Anne, Rachel Barkman, and Kylie from Patchwork Media!


View More: http://michellekarstphotography.pass.us/shaneandshauna

View More: http://michellekarstphotography.pass.us/shaneandshauna

m + a -1Jesse + Amanda’s August wedding day was lovely. Filled with details, friends + family, and horses, it was everything that they loved.

j + a -638

j + a -665

j + a -684Erik + Katherine’s star wars/ star trek themed wedding in beautiful chilliwack was fun! She wore her mama’s lace wedding dress and he didn’t stop smiling all day long.



10397280_650756064994852_8806645655722196306_oI can’t wait to photograph Christine + Tim’s wedding next summer. Their late September golden hour engagement session was one of my favourites!

tim + christine -8

tim + christine -19

tim + christine -81I also photographed the wedding of one of my oldest friends in September. I love the portraits that we took in their backyard!

paul+kasia -69

paul+kasia -87September was a busy month. The morning of Kasia and Paul’s wedding, I also photographed David + Erin, during which David proposed! I can’t wait to stand beside them in August when they get married!

e + d -8

e + d -36Some more portraits from the past few months! A few weeks ago Kat and I walked across the Golden Ears Bridge and took pictures!


bridge adventure -37

I photographed Christen and we got some new promo shots for her music!


The always hilarious Friesen family!

One of my dearest friends (who I met in high school!) and her wonderful family.

jonesfamily -67

My long-time mentor and friend, Angela, and her family !

rosborough family -66I loved photographing the Blackaby family the one weekend we had snow this fall.

blackaby family -2

blackaby family -5

blackaby family -24

In October I went to Calgary for the Thanksgiving long weekend and had the honour of photographing the Thiessen family!

thiessen family -74I also went on an adventure with one of my best friends, Elena, and spend lots of time with my cousins and the rest of my family! Alberta in the early fall has my heart. I can’t wait to shoot there again. The golden rockies are breathtaking.


dzikowski family -42Emma + Guido’s proposal was another highlight. Read more and see more of their magical photos here.

g + e -13

g + e -15

g + e -18One of the most difficult things I have ever written came with these photos. I wrote about depression and vulnerability and hope and Amy and I took these photos to go along with that. See the rest here. Thank you to everyone who read and interacted with that post. I appreciate all of the comments, messages, texts, and conversations that came out of that. Mental health is so important and conversations about mental health need to be had. Thank you for letting me open up my heart and share my story. Thank you for the love that you all wrapped me in in the days that followed. I am so blessed.

inspired shoot -17

inspired shoot -51

inspired shoot -72

inspired shoot -92

My family jumped in front of my camera (and a tripod) for a photo of us. So glad to have it. It reminded me of the importance of photographs and how treasured they are. Merry Christmas, friends. May these days be merry and bright and full of food and laughter.

karst family-4

I am now booking for the 2015 wedding season. Email me at michelle@michellekarstphotography.com and we’ll go for coffee {my treat} to chat more about YOUR big day!

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