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May 18, 2016

Abbotsford Wedding Photographer // Daniel + Cara

I am so excited to share Daniel and Cara’s wedding day with you all. This was my first wedding of the summer season and seriously such a dream day to start with. Daniel and Cara were married on a gorgeous private property in Abbotsford, where they also had their reception. They had some amazing local vendors and all of the kind, fun guests created such a sweet, relaxed, happy environment. Cara and Daniel love the outdoors and that was reflected not only in where they chose to have their wedding (with an outdoor ceremony) but also in all of the details. Mountains galore… my kind of people! Also can I just say that these two had the best wedding food I have ever had. For real, I would hire these caterers for my own wedding. The chef is also the head chef at Cara and Daniel’s school (Columbia Bible College) and he put on the best spread of fresh salad’s and locally raised meat and home-grown veggies and homemade buns. Locally sourced foods are my love language, haha!  I loved all of the personal details throughout the day – both the funny (Daniel running into the ceremony with all of his climbing equipment) and the sentimental (Cara wearing her dad’s wedding ring around her wrist). They also had a little snack of milkshakes in the middle of the dance in honour of Cara’s dad because that is something that he would always make for them as kids. So sweet! Their reception was so relaxed with various friends playing the guitar and piano and singing throughout the evening before things wrapped up with some heartfelt speeches and barefoot golden hour photos and dancing.

Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer you two! You are both so genuine and kind and fun to be around and your day was beautiful. I hope you are having the best time in Mexico and I am praying for you both as you continue journeying through life, side by side as husband and wife! xx

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Bride’s dress: The Bridal Gallery

Bridesmaids dresses: Loft

Bride’s shoes: Reitmans

Bride’s jewellery: Richardson’s Jewellery

Bridesmaids jewellery: Ardene

Florals: Mint and Moss

Hair: Hair by Maddy Bradley

Make-up: Haley Petkau

Food: Two Peas Catering Co

Cake: The Polly Fox

Second Shooter: Jen Vanderby

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