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November 28, 2017

Basic Invite // Invitations + Guest Books

Some of my absolute favourite family memories revolve around us all gathering together and sharing stories, both from my lifetime and from generations gone by. The happy ones, the funny little ones, the hard & heartbreaking ones too. I’m sentimental through and through and reminiscing is, in my opinion, one of the best activities.

One of the the best moments I can recall – a “core memory” for me – happened a few years ago. Most of my family had gathered at my grandparent’s house. We’re not a large family but it can still be hard to wrangle all of us together. Anyways, after dinner my cousins and I had migrated to one of the bedrooms and we were sprawled around the little room. We had pulled out a couple of old photo albums and slowly one of the smallest spaces in the house began to fill up with aunts, uncles, and my grandparents. We sat there and laughed until tears rolled down our faces while we looked at photo after photo, album after album, each bringing up memories and stories. I don’t know if it made an impact on anyone else in that room, but those silly, happy hours are something I will hold onto for the rest of my life.

That sentimental part of me means that I treasure things from the people I love and hold onto just about everything. I have boxes full of old letters + cards, wedding invitations, and pictures with “thank-you’s” scribbled on the back. I love those dear shelves filled with all the family albums. Yearbooks always make me tear up. You get the picture haha. But I like to keep it all because you never know when the desire to look back will come, or what new memories will come because of that. I don’t know what bits and pieces of life you hold closest, but I do know that memories matter. The important things deserve to be saved for you and your people. And those memories deserve to be shared.

Pair that sentimental heart with the wedding photographer in me and you’ve got someone who loves the details. I so appreciate the details put into each wedding day, from that first “save the date” sent out down to the last “thank you” card. Quality + personalized items that can be preserved and shared with a story are so special, especially from a day as important as your wedding. I can only imagine how special it will be one day to show future children an album full of photos and the wedding invitation, and all those other little details. Or how heart-warming it must be to thumb through your guestbook and see who was there and to read their words for you.

Basic Invite essentially offers customizable everything and they are so passionate about creating beautiful, perfect cards, invitations, guest books, and more. It is one of the few companies I’ve seen that makes room for you to select a design and make it exactly how you like it. With over 180 different color options and instant online previews, they help make the wedding planning process and memory preserving that much easier.

You can order a sample of your invitation to see what it will look and feel like before sending it out to all of your people. And guys, the color selection doesn’t stop with the actual invitation – the envelopes are just as pretty and are all peel and seal so you can be efficient about sending those out. Pro-tip from a wedding photographer, a gorgeous invitation set adds so much to your “detail” photos on the big day. I love to use these sets to create flat-lays with your jewellery and other personal details. SO pretty!

Like I mentioned before, guest books are so special. It’s fun to watch people filling them out on the day of and fun for you and your spouse to look back on it. Your wedding day is going to fly by and with all of the emotion and fullness of the day, these details are what are going to help you remember, what will evoke those little stories that bring your family together. Basic Invite’s Keepsake Guest books are customizable to reflect you and they have a ring hidden inside which allows them to lay perfectly flat, keeping things classy at the signing table. Annnd, their new rose gold foil in the foil line only makes it all that much better! All the praise hands for those beautiful little touches.

I’m excited for all of you 2018 brides to check Basic Invite out and am hoping that I’ll be photographing some of their beautiful invites, guest books, and more in the years to come!

See more + connect with Basic Invite on their various social media channels. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed and inspired as I am.


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