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February 13, 2015

Explore BC // Whytecliff Park

On February 10th one of my oldest and dearest friends turned twenty-one. Yesterday, we spent the morning celebrating her and spending time together. We both have a love for delicious breakfast burritos so obviously we started the day off eating breakfast together. We then headed out to Whytecliff Park. Neither of us had ever been there before so it was fun to check out another one of our province’s beautiful, local spots. I love living in the Pacific Northwest for exactly this reason. So much beauty and rest to be found in that beauty.

Happy birthday Naomi! The past 10 years of friendship have been unreal. I am so grateful for our countless memories and all of the laughter. Growing up with you has been an honour. I am so excited for what our adult life holds for us.

The best is yet to come…

whytecliff park-1

whytecliff park-2

whytecliff park-3

whytecliff park-4

whytecliff park-5

whytecliff park-6

whytecliff park-7

whytecliff park-8

whytecliff park-9

whytecliff park-10

whytecliff park-11

whytecliff park-12

whytecliff park-13

whytecliff park-14

whytecliff park-15

whytecliff park-16

whytecliff park-17

whytecliff park-18

whytecliff park-19

whytecliff park-20

whytecliff park-21

whytecliff park-22

whytecliff park-23

whytecliff park-24

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