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January 9, 2016

Langley Wedding Photographer // Nate + Corrine

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Nate and Corrine first met when Corrine moved to Canada and ended up attending the same church as Nate. They started out as “just friends” but as these things go, “just friends” turned into Nate noticing this brave, kind, gentle spirit and Corrine talking about how funny and how great Nate is to her bestie, Katelynn. It wasn’t too much later that they started dating and then got engaged a year later. When you know, you know. They had their season of long distance when Corrine had to go back to Australia from a few months but now she is here, they are married, and times are happy. I adored their Christmas wedding. I went to high school and youth group with Nate and a big chunk of their bridal party. It was so fun photographing people that I know and enjoy so much. You might recognize the best man and maid of honour, Ryan and Katelynn, from an engagement shoot this past summer. I’m photographing their wedding in two weeks and Nate and Corrine will be making another appearance on the blog as a part of their bridal party. So fun!

Thanks for having me as your photographer Nate and Corrine! I wish you two only the very best.

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I’m now booking for the 2016 wedding season. Send me an email (michelle@michellekarstphotography.com) if you’d like to go for coffee – my treat – to talk more about your big day! 

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