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April 12, 2016

Vancouver Wedding Photographer // Carrie + Brett

I had the pleasure of second shoot for my good friend Megan over at Megan Benger Photography this past March. Megan and I work together a lot and it is always so fun. This wedding was one for the books. A beautiful blend of two cultures, Carrie and Brett incorporated so many details that perfectly represented their two families, backgrounds, and faith. The day started off sunny but as it so often happens in Vancouver, it was pouring by the time portraits rolled around. Thankfully, our back-up plan over at UBC panned out and we ended up creating some super fun photos. Here are a handful of my favourite images!

Thanks for having me along Megan and Carrie and Brett. What a happy, wonderful day!

c + b-1

c + b-2

c + b-3

c + b-4

c + b-5

c + b-6

c + b-7

c + b-8

c + b-9

c + b-10

c + b-11

c + b-12

c + b-13

c + b-14

c + b-15

c + b-16

c + b-17

c + b-18

c + b-19

c + b-20

c + b-21

c + b-22

c + b-23

c + b-24

c + b-25

c + b-26

c + b-27

c + b-28

c + b-29


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